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this is a picture of hialeah scootersDon't have a motorcyclist license? Not a problem! Buy a scooter. Miami has a lot of places to go things to do and transportation is a big part of the game. You definitely should get a scooter to get from one place to another in a short period of time!. Plus Miami has the perfect weather and road conditions to ride a scooter! So if you want to make things happen for you get one TODAY Here at Hialeah Scooters we offer the best costumer service, have a great selection in scooters, dirt bikes, ATV's and more. Come visit us! At Hialeah Scooters 504 East 9th Street Hialeah, Florida 33010-4550


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What we have here in  Hialeah Scooters.

Many Amazing 49cc Scooters

Here in Hialeah Scooters we have the best 49cc scooters, that will fit your needs.

Dirt Bikes

Go wild. If you like to take it to the next level, a Dirt Bike is a most!


Amazing ATV'S

The best AVTS are here in Hialeah Scooters, check them out here.

Cool Scooters, ATVS, Dirt Bikes and The Best Custumers Service.